Ash and Muff Gives Back Through MovEd

Our client’s satisfaction gives us more than enough reason to feel thankful and inspired to continuously produce more quality products. For Team Ash and Muff, each item provides us an opportunity to make another person feel loved and valued. What we did not expect, however, is our customers opening more doors for us that would lead to overwhelming opportunities.

Liberate Your Style With The New Liberty Tote

We at Team Ash and Muff are constantly finding ways to develop and improve products and we’re excited to show you our newest bag design, the Liberty Tote. Inspired by our best-selling Craftsman's Tote, the Liberty Tote is a spacious bag that can be used as a travel bag, a work bag or even a mommy bag! It’s got numerous external pockets for additional storage space, which is perfect for smaller items like pens, bottles, coin purse, etc., and leather trimmings on the top handles for better grip. The bag’s enclosure has a snap button made of sturdy metal attached to a leather trim.


We are constantly developing new products for release; and one of our newest products is the wine bottle tote. The wine bottle tote comes in two sizes: the bigger size (in blue) can accommodate two wine bottles at a time while the regular size fits all types of wine bottles.

The wine tote can be used for the following purposes:


If you’ve been dreaming of owning our much loved monogrammed Jaq bag, then we’ve got some good news: Ash and Muff has teamed up with Sharp Philippines and here’s your chance to get a FREE monogrammed bag!

We will be giving away one (1) free Jaq Two-Tone Medium Monogrammed Bag for every purchase of Sharp Refrigerator from select Anson Appliance Stores. The participating stores include:


This is the story of our wedding day. On a beautiful summer day in 2016, two souls that started their relationship with sweet exchanges, began a lifelong commitment of love at the Montecito Chapel in Nuvali. The bride, who wore a dreamy Julianne Syjuco gown, married her groom, who looked dashing in his Edwin Tan suit. The wedding entourage, bridesmaids and flower girls were equally lovely in their Elizabeth Hallie Design dresses made of sheer tulle and lace in shades of pink, peach, teal and rose gold.

Ash and Muff and monograms by “Alex Eduque”

Nothing says special like a personalized gift. It somehow gives the recipient (at least I think so) a tingly feeling inside – it definitely makes one feel remembered and not that of being an afterthought resulting in a last-minute present. In my case, I enjoy putting together personalized gifts for dear friends – not only am I able to make sure it fits their personality, there’s something so heartwarming knowing it’s appreciated (and it always is).

How to wear our Jaq Bag


More often than not, non-leather bags, particularly canvas bags, are equated with casual outfits. If not used as a shopping bag, canvas bags are usually associated with trips to the beach. This may be because of its cloth material that people perceive a canvas bag to be a casual and laidback accessory.  In this article, we aim to prove that our canvas bag is more than just a beach accessory. We've come up with some style suggestions that will work well with  our equally stylish and versatile canvas bag.

The Many Uses Of The Ash and Muff Bag Tag

Ash and Muff’s bag tags are made from soft but durable fabric. Unlike the common bag tags in the market that are usually made of hard plastic, rubber or metal, Ash and Muff’s bag tags are thinner and lighter. And since it’s made of fabric, dirt and stains can be easily removed. You can reuse your Ash and Muff’s bag tags for as long as you want.