Ash and Muff Gives Back Through MovEd

Our client’s satisfaction gives us more than enough reason to feel thankful and inspired to continuously produce more quality products. For Team Ash and Muff, each item provides us an opportunity to make another person feel loved and valued. What we did not expect, however, is our customers opening more doors for us that would lead to overwhelming opportunities.

MovEd Philippines founder Alex Eduque is a regular client of Team Ash and Muff. She has been giving Ash and Muff products as presents to friends and family members and has even featured us in her column for the Manila Bulletin. Alex has become a friend and, now, a collaborative partner of Team Ash and Muff.

So together with MovEd Philippines, Team Ash & Muff presents the Alex Eduque collection, a heartwarming collaborative project that features monogrammed blankets and towels all designed by Alex.  Beginning September 2016, proceeds from purchases of the Alex Eduque collection will be donated to MovEd Philippines to help in the foundation’s endeavor to give underprivileged children from the country’s different marginalized community’s access to pre-school education. As of date, MovEd is taking care of 250 children in giving early childhood education to different areas in the country. Through the assistance of more movers, MovEd is gearing to give education to more children and expanding its range of communities being served.

You too can share in Alex’s noble advocacy, by purchasing Alex Eduque- designed bath towels and blankets! The holidays are only a few months away and soon enough, everyone will start preparing their wish lists. The Alex Eduque collection of blankets and bath towels make perfect presents for your friends and loved ones.  Enjoy the monogrammed items and provide an opportunity for a child to have a better and brighter future.