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This is the story of our wedding day. On a beautiful summer day in 2016, two souls that started their relationship with sweet exchanges, began a lifelong commitment of love at the Montecito Chapel in Nuvali. The bride, who wore a dreamy Julianne Syjuco gown, married her groom, who looked dashing in his Edwin Tan suit. The wedding entourage, bridesmaids and flower girls were equally lovely in their Elizabeth Hallie Design dresses made of sheer tulle and lace in shades of pink, peach, teal and rose gold.

Ash and Muff and monograms by “Alex Eduque”

Nothing says special like a personalized gift. It somehow gives the recipient (at least I think so) a tingly feeling inside – it definitely makes one feel remembered and not that of being an afterthought resulting in a last-minute present. In my case, I enjoy putting together personalized gifts for dear friends – not only am I able to make sure it fits their personality, there’s something so heartwarming knowing it’s appreciated (and it always is).

The Many Uses Of The Ash and Muff Bag Tag

Ash and Muff’s bag tags are made from soft but durable fabric. Unlike the common bag tags in the market that are usually made of hard plastic, rubber or metal, Ash and Muff’s bag tags are thinner and lighter. And since it’s made of fabric, dirt and stains can be easily removed. You can reuse your Ash and Muff’s bag tags for as long as you want.