More often than not, non-leather bags, particularly canvas bags, are equated with casual outfits. If not used as a shopping bag, canvas bags are usually associated with trips to the beach. This may be because of its cloth material that people perceive a canvas bag to be a casual and laidback accessory. In this article, we aim to prove that our canvas bag is more than just a beach accessory. We’ve come up with some style suggestions that will work well with our equally stylish and versatile canvas bag.

For the working girl,a pair of black slacks, a button down blouse, and a pair of comfy flats works best with the Jaq bag which has enough room to hold your laptop,documents and other essentials.

You can also pair the Jaq bag with a skirt, a pair of ballet flats and a floral top for a more interesting yet professional office ensemble.

For business meetings or dressier occasions, a little black dress or any knee-length monotone dress works well with the muted and classic look of our canvas tote.

Our tote also works well with high heels, a sleek pair of slacks, and a turtle neck top. The key is to stick to basic and muted colors like black, white, gray or even blue.

For those rare, cold and rainy days, grab a denim jacket, accessorize with a statement necklace, and our canvas tote. Basic pieces paired with statement accessories will make all the difference in an outfit.

For weekend trips, put on a pair of comfy skinny jeans, a polo shirt and and a pair of loafers. Our Jaq bag has enough space for all the souvenir-shopping you’re bound to do on these out-of-town trips.

For the sporty and outgoing girl, our tote bag can provide a feminine touch to a – cotton blouse, jogger pants and rubber shoes ensemble. This spacious tote can even work as a gym bag as it has enough room to accommodate an additional set of clothes and shoes.

Whatever your lifestyle, work, or personality, our Jaq bag can fit your needs and boost your #OOTD.