Ash and Muff’s bag tags are made from soft but durable fabric. Unlike the common bag tags in the market that are usually made of hard plastic, rubber or metal, Ash and Muff’s bag tags are thinner and lighter. And since it’s made of fabric, dirt and stains can be easily removed. You can reuse your Ash and Muff’s bag tags for as long as you want.

The usual bag tags in the market can perform only one function: to serve as a label for belongings during travel. But after the trip, the bag tag is kept away making it prone to dust, molds and stains which can ruin the bag tag forcing you to purchase another bag tag for future trips. Ash and Muff’s bag tag reduces your chances of repurchasing bag tags. The cloth material of the bag tag guarantees durability and prolonged life even while in storage. As a bonus, Ash and Muff’s bag tag are personalized and stylish! Best of all, your Ash and Muff bag tag can be used for other things. We’ll show you some suggestions in this article.

Use it as a bookmark. Since Ash and Muff’s bag tags are made of thinner and lighter material, it can also serve as an elegant bookmark. The gentle fabric will not, in any way, damage your book.

Use it as a bag accent. Another common problem among typical bag tags sold in the market is the lack of aesthetics and design. Ash and Muff’s bag tag are expertly handcrafted, monogrammed and designed according to your preferences. Hence, Ash and Muff’s bag tags can also be used as accent piece for your other bags.

Use it as wall décor. Ash and Muff’s bag tags can also serve as a decoration for your walls: collect bag tags for each family member of the family and hang them on a blank wall, corkboard, or an old frame.

Use it as a table setting accent piece. Ash and Muff’s bag tags will make your guests feel special. More than serving as a party favor, it can also double as an accent piece to your table setting

Use it as a gift tag for presents. Instead of using disposable gift tags, why not use our classic bag tag? The recipient will surely appreciate it as the personalized tag becomes a part of the gift. In fact, you don’t even have to use gift wrapper since it usually ends up in the trash bin anyway. Use our bag tag instead to bind your presents. Roll up a shirt for the guys or a shawl for the girls and tie it with our stylish bag tag. Towels, scarves, table napkins, canvas totes and pillowcases are also other options you can give with the bag tag.

Give it as a thank you gift for the wedding entourage. The Ash and Muff bag tag is also a nice and practical token that a bride and groom can give to their wedding entourage as thank you gifts.

See how multi-functional our bag tag is? Order one for you and your loved ones today!