There is no need to underscore the fact that anything monogrammed become timeless collection pieces. People change, taste and preferences become unpredictable but if there’s one item that will remain a classic, it has to be something monogrammed.

You’ve probably encountered the classic monogrammed jewelries that have been passed on from one generation to another; luxury leather goods engraved with the owner’s initials, musical instruments carved with the initials of its first owner, or even the receiving blanket and clothes which have been embroidered with love for a family’s much-anticipated baby.

In one way or another, there’s always a heart-warming story behind the creation of every monogrammed item. These are just one of the many reasons why our team decided to focus on monogrammed pieces. More than creating quality products, we love the idea of creating pieces that will relate nothing but the happiest memories.

Each of our clients has a different story behind the items they order. Our infant collection, for example, which includes a personalized bib, blankets, and plush teddy bears, has been given as a gift in several baby showers. Our bag tags have been given as going away presents or as wedding tokens. We’ve even made personalized throw pillows that were given as housewarming presents.

Whenever we develop a product, we always bear in mind that these will have to commemorate or celebrate a milestone or special occasion in the best possible way.