We’re ending February, the “month of love”, but seriously, love is meant to go around all year long, yes?

1. Love for the home: Organize, discard, and assign everything to its place. Throughout the year, it’s a good idea to declutter and re-assign things in and around the home. Use assigned storage boxes (like those here below) to create organization and order in every room of the house.

Also: Towels! These are usually taken for granted because we use them often, but did you know that you should be replaced by a certain time? (This is no surprise, since our bathroom is the most used room in any home!) It’s a good idea to let your towels last for years, by having multiple sets, for each individual in the household. This way, you can easily rotate them out and also monogram them so people don’t use each others’ towels. Be also mindful if they are torn, frayed, have holes in them, or are not absorbent anymore; these are definite signs they need to be replaced.

2. Love for self: These days, more and more people are opting for more functional yet beautiful loungewear. Pajamas are no longer just for wearing to sleep; in fact, you can go from sleep to hustling these days, in your PJs, because so many are working from home. (Need some durable yet skin-soft pajamas? Check out our styles here.)

Remember that giving yourself a buying boost here & there isn’t a bad thing! Treat yourself to something pretty and just for you, at certain times through the year. For instance: Gift yourself a love gift on February, the “love month”, just because! (Have you considered a personalized bag, like a Jelly Tote or even a Craftsman Wrap?)

3. Love for others:

Our gift sets on Lazada are great for year-round gifting. They are practical supplies and never go out of style! Show your love for others by stocking up on gifts and taking advantage of things like special pricing, deals, and promos. Nothing says love quite like a thoughtful gesture of a thoughtful and practical gift.