“My Name, My Way.” Essentially, this is the ethos of the monogram. It’s a unique symbol and expression of ownership. It’s also how we want you to feel each time you enjoy a monogrammed piece from our studio.

Monogramming It! By Ash and Muff was born out of the passion to help people find the perfect gift for the numerous birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions in their lives.

As business owners, we ourselves truly LOVE and appreciate anything personalized, and are totally addicted to “monogramming it”! Our little studio began with an idea one holiday season, to give soft monogrammed blankets to all our nieces and nephews.

Long story short: The monogrammed blankets were such a hit, we decided we wanted to share them with more people, especially those who love giving personalized, thoughtful, beautiful yet useful gifts!

While our signature blankets are our specialty, we continue to expand our line to give clients a variety of items to choose from. Everything that comes out of our studio is made with thought and care. Our team personally selects fabrics, creates designs, and carefully ensures that only the BEST quality arrives at your doorstep.

Each monogrammed piece is hand-embroidered, so that each item is UNIQUE every single time. We are very honored to have a social enterprise aspect to our business, in that we provide livelihood for our sewers and seamstresses. Whenever you support our business, you also support the families of these hardworking makers!

We look forward to gifting with and for you!

Hop on to the different options in our studio, and start- co-creating with us on the perfect, thoughtful gift for those you love.

Fluffily yours,
The Ash & Muff Team