Season’s Greetings!

It’s our favorite time of year.

Here in our monogram studio, we try our best to use all our materials, down to the scraps. For instance: You may have noticed that some of the indigenous fabrics we used in our Filipiniana Craftsman Wraps are also utilized in our ready-made pajama sets. (PIC)

Here’s another idea you can implement to encourage package-free gifting, as well as “total gifting,” i.e. all parts of the gift from the wrap to the gift tag are in themselves also gifts! (See? No waste, talaga!)

You will need:

• A monogrammed scarf
• A Mikkel pouch (or any of our travel pouches and small bags)
• A monogrammed luggage tag


1. Lay out the scarf on the wrapping surface. We recommend folding it in two for a thicker texture.
2. Wrap the scarf around the pouch, making a sort of “dim sum” style
3. Use the ends of the scarf to tie a simple knot.
4. Insert the luggage tag, snapping it in place, and making sure the recipients name is facing front.

Alternatively, you can get our ready-made pajamas in pouches or blankets in pouches, and simply affix a customized luggage tag on them, like so:

We hope this was helpful! Happy ho-ho-holidays!