Big Bulk Club

We do more than just monogram. As a full-service gifting studio, we conceptualize and create gifting solution packages the whole year round, for every occasion imaginable:

-Wedding Favors
-Sponsor/Entourage Gifts
-Bride & Groom Packages
-Birthday Party Souvenirs
-Hallmark Days: Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Grandparents Day… and any occasion you can think of!

What Is Big Bulk Club?

The more you wanna give, the more you SAVE! Our Big Bulk Club is a rewarding, time-saving, and budget-friendly solution so that you never run out of high-quality personalized gifts all year round.

Just apply to be a Big Bulk Club Member, set a “consumable” amount for your gifting options, and save big bucks!

Club Membership Packages:

– Soiree Package: 25k worth of orders or more — Get 10% off on your total order!
– Party Package: 50k worth of orders or more — Get 15% off your total order!
– Fiesta Package: 100k and up worth of orders — Get 20% off your total order!

Terms & Conditions for Big Bulk Club

* Payment for Big Bulk packages must be made upfront 100%, enabling you to order ANY monogrammed item on a discounted consumable basis. Maximum validity is 12 months.
* Delivery cost will be deducted from the consumable amount.
* Orders must be placed 15 to 20 business days or a month before scheduled delivery.
* No Rush orders please.
* Not valid to combine with any other promo.
* Valid on existing items only in the Ash & Muff catalog. Not for custom-created products.
* Avail this promo starting January to August Only (Not valid from September up to December)
* Promo should be used within 1 year from date of purchase.
* Collab items not included


1. Choose a package and send us an email at, we’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours, except during weekends and public holidays.
2. Pay for the Package
3. Email Deposit slip to
4. Curate your gift solutions and schedule your gifts for the whole year round. (Please take note of the Terms & Conditions)
5. Expect delivery.