We’re on our seventh month of the COVID pandemic lockdown. Whew; what a year. 2020 was welcomed with slew after slew of historic events that it’s seemed to become “a habit” now to find ourselves in this kind of “new normal.” In fact, we asked some of our “sukis” about any tips that they could give our readers and other clients, and we gathered some great ones from them.

From Ms. Chat Fores, Interior designer of Chat Fores Design Studio

“My advise is to continue doing what you love.” Chat recommends that since we are all working from home, we can still dress up even for work at home, to get into the zone and space of the PERSONA of our working self.

“Fix up your dinners like you have parties,” adds Chat.

Finally, we all are encouraged to “Learn new things.” This means we could read more books, rearrange the house, do some planting and farming — anything that gets us comfortable being at home and thriving still. — Chat Fores

From Mr. Monchet Olives, Heritage fan maker shared his own important tips to thriving in lockdown, too. Here are some nuggets of wisdom we picked up.

Take care of your fitness. Find online classes that encourage a community aspect to them, despite us all being at home. “The first few weeks I was drinking daily, then I said “This isn’t good.” So I opted to join Saddle Row’s Zoom classes and row 4 to 5 times a week and do some CrossFit classes on demand.”

Bond with the people you love. See things like the household chores as a bonding experience and an opportunity to reconnect: “Margie and I bonded. Cooking, doing the laundry and just talking; that is what was most important for me…. Reconnecting. I got to also clean up my closet and simplify our needs.”

Pray, always. “I became more prayerful and far more positive in the journey.” Let the situation bring you to trust in God. Don’t fight the situation. “Open your heart to the universe and allow the journey to take you where it does. God knows what is best for you.”

We hope that in our little way, these tips will help you. By staying positive, calm and productive, these simple suggestions can all help us create a more peaceful experience as we all ride this wave of the pandemic.