It’s the last half of the first month of the new decade. (Did you get all that? ;)) As it is, it’s been a hugely busy start of the year! We at the Ash and Muff team are all about looking forward, bringing you better service and products, and also eager to hit the ground running with some fun, new GOALS.

We plan to get into more collabs with other artisans, especially after the success of our Littest Setter x Ash & Muff collab last year. We are also setting targets to take part on more popups this year. Of course, all our production is closely tied into us being able to support more communities of sewers and craftsmen, which has always been a part of our ethos.

What are some new goals you’re setting? Here are some suggestions to help inspire you!

1. Adopt a new skill. Invest in career development training or schedule to enroll in a number of business workshops that are aligned with your work or brand. Learning allows us to be able to live more!

2. Fix your workspace. The beginning of the year is a good time to get clean and clear by decluttering your home office or desk of things that you are no longer being served by.

3. Fix your healthcare plan. There’s a sense of security and accomplishment when you know you are keeping your bases covered when it comes to health. Meet with your healthcare planner; perhaps review your coverage with your financial advisor.

4. Get a mentor! It’s important when setting goals to also set in place the conditions so that you can accomplish them. Getting a mentor can mean hiring a coach to help you, or be a part of a mastermind: a group of individuals coming together for the purpose of sharing and accomplishing their goals. Masterminds utilize regular check-ins whether online or in-person, with the objective of supporting one another to move forward. The facilitator of the mastermind helps to hold the space for the group.

5. Use goal-setting tools, like a vision board with dates. On a vision board, place three to six goals for 2020 that you’d like to accomplish, each one represented with an image. Write the date on which you plan to reach that goal; make it a mix of big and small goals. Alternatively, use single notecards: Dave Mason, CEO of The Knobs Company recommends this. On a single notecard, he writes a goal, the date by which he plans to reach the goal and the action steps required to get there. Then he adjusts the action steps as needed. (You can utilize this in conjunction with the mastermind on suggestion #1.)

We wish you all the best as you begin this new decade, and this new year!

Which tips are you going to take action on now?