We’re breathing deeply these days; how about you?

We are all forced to adapt and to spend our time at home this summer. I’m sure we are all struggling somehow with the uncertainty of the days ahead. I’m sure we are all dealing with a lot of emotions. The important thing at the end of the day is to go with each day a day at a time, and be grateful for what we have.

While we have this time to reflect at home, the best we can do is what we can control, and that’s what’s right in front of us. While talking to some of my coach friends, I gleaned some of these helpful tips, and I’m sharing them with you, so that we can all have some assurance during this time in crisis.

1. Maintain a clear mind. “Mindfulness” is a buzzword these days, but what it really means is being aware and present of who you are. Being mindful of your emotions is key, especially when you feel yourself reacting to the fear and the news outside. You can exercise mindfulness by —

a. Taking conscious breaths during the day (e.g. Closing your eyes for one minute, breathing in and out slowly)

b. Looking around you at things you are grateful for (e.g. “I am grateful for the home I am in.” “I am grateful for my breath,” and so on)

2. Manage what you consume. This goes for both what you may hear on the news, and even what you put in your body. What we eat is totally related to how much better we can feel. Eat foods that are nourishing for your body: They make you feel fuller, less hungry, and yes, they help boost immunity.

3. Find something to do each day, and write it down. These days, maintaining a routine is important so that we can tackle what’s right in front of us. While most of us are homebound, it’s a good time to do a project, like decluttering for instance. You can also organize your storage and fix a small corner of the house each day. (Check out this blog article about organizing: Tidying Tips Inspired by the Konmari Hit “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”)

Remember one thing each day: Live in the present moment, and focus on what is right in front of you. This mindset of mindfulness, managing our consumption, and finding one thing to do each day from start to finish is our best helper in a time of uncertainty. For one thing is certain: Life is still good; we are simply being taught by Life to find that good, daily.