January being the first month of the year always brings with it a sense of expectation — but, it feels very different this 2021.

We don’t know really what to expect. And so, when we are in this unexpectancy, it’s a good idea to look back and take the good from the year that was. Here are some tips that could help us all gather what we learned from our lifetime’s most memorable year so far:

  1. Look back at what STRENGTHS we learned because of 2020. What did the early days of the lockdown teach us to value and see as important? What did the pandemic teach (and still teach us to this day) about valuing our bodies and health and safety? For Ash & Muff it taught us how resilient our little team is, and that we could do hard things if we put our minds to it— like keep a small business going, keep our dedicated team paid, and our customers happy as best as possible.

  3. What are we committing to as goals in 2021? When you consider your accomplishments last year, what was your biggest takeaway? What specific goals can you set to make 2021 a comeback year, perhaps in the following areas:
    • a. Health
    • b. Fitness
    • c. Food
    • d. Business/Income
    • e. Self-care & Mental Health

  5. How can we stay safe and sane, within the confines of the situation we still are in? The new normal is homeschooling, working from home, trying to stay afloat, and making sure ourselves and our home are safe. What are some practical ways to make our homes functional and beautiful, so they support this adapted way of living?
    We hope you can use these tips in your gratitude practice and intention-setting. The New Year will forevermore be seen and perceived differently, until our world gets used to the continued transitions. Our best bet is to bet on ourselves, to make ourselves resilient when challenges shape us; and yes, to hope in God for all things to work out.

    From all of us at Ash & Muff: A happy and healthy 2021!