The new normal brings with it new innovations for products and services, doesn’t it? This is why we were so honored to be part of a collaboration team that is adapting with the times, while providing some fun amidst the uncertainty.

Introducing: Our new pouch for the New Normal. According to Monchet Olives other wise known as The Fan Man, “This is our take in providing a bit of humor in this fraying-at-the-edges lockdown. Mom came to me in a dream and asked me to promise that the factory will keep on going— 70 years will not stop us — so please, support us local artisans! We continue to live life with caution, but we need some irreverence. This pouch comes with a mask and abanico to match. And why not?”

The kit comes with a mask, a fan, and a pouch featuring the illustration by artist Reena Gabriel.

Casa Mercedes is a 70 year old business, and known for their high-quality abanico. Being the oldest Spanish fan makers in the Philippines, the family-run Casa Mercedes as a business has seen wars, revolutions, and generations of family holidays and memories. Now on its 3rd generation — which includes generations of employee families who have been making this longtime, proudly Pinoy business possible — , Casa Mercedes is yet again witnessing a unique time in world history, and is in full-swing support of Filipinos in this, too.

The pouches are currently in production and will be out soon. Watch out for it and please support! <3

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Lockdown gave us the chance to create new products that are #NewNormalReady! We're so happy to announce our collaboration with @casamercedesph and @missreenaph . We have been working on this new #covidkit a.k.a. "La Mascarilla Y El Abanico" for a while now. Stay tuned for these kit as they come in different designs. It's the perfect kit for all your #newnormal needs. Stay well everyone!!! . 🖤🖤🖤 #Repost @missreenaph (@get_repost) ・・・ Welcoming the month of July with this exciting announcement:⁣⁣ WE’RE FINALLY IN PRODUCTION!🤩⁣⁣ ⁣⁣. I got the sample pack today and just with a tad bit more fine-tuning you will get:⁣ • a mask that fits to a T⁣ • a pouch by Ash and Muff with many compartments for all your essentials, and of course, ⁣ • a fan by Monchet y Cia for Casa Mercedes with a very timely message for us all.😉⁣⁣ ⁣⁣. Beyond thrilled to share all other designs in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy as we begin the second half of this pretty epic year.💚⁣⁣ . #NoBesoBeso #maskon #staysafe #abanico #casamercedes #monchetyciaxmissreena #La mascarillaYElAbanico #ashandmuff

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