Filipiniana Craftsmans: Sorbetes

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Every Filipino child who has ever played patintero or taguan out in the streets will remember the pure delight they feel once they hear the bell of the Sorbetes cart ring, inviting them to stop whatever they’re doing to take a delicious ice cream break — usually a triple scoop of ube, queso and avocado. Sorbetes is synonymous to a fun-filled, carefree childhood that we all fondly look back to and also yearn for. In our fast-paced world and busy lives, how do we keep that playfulness and sense of wonder? Let Sorbetes remind you. Carry it close. Keep it to heart. Enjoy and savor.

Materials are made out of cowhide leather, thick canvas one of the few existing weaving factories in the Philippines and hand woven fabrics from the Ilocos region. We carefully chose several weaves like the Sinukitan, Binakol and Kundiman. Our veteran embroiderers from Bulacan put all the pieces of design together using applique technique with a hand- guided embroidery machine.

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