Tiklop Collection: Taho

Way before Milk Tea became mainstream in our country, we already were enjoying sweet soft tofu treats topped with syrup and tapioca pearls. Many a Filipino will have nostaglic feels, recounting memories of their neighborhood “Manong Taho” shouting the dessert’s name, as he carries this delectable treat along the street in the iconic aluminum drums about his shoulders. We’re sure this bag conjures up childhood experiences of running towards the taho vendor, maybe with some request to add more syrup to make it sweeter!

The Tiklop Series is a collection of foldable bags that celebrates Filipino culture by showcasing some icons and elements that are distinctly “Pinoy.” Tiklop is a Tagalog word meaning “to fold”. This series of foldable bags reminds us of the importance of keeping or bringing along our Filipino identity anywhere we go.

The main pocket of the bag (which turns into a smaller pouch) is made of fabrics stitched and embroidered by our local artisans. The main body features a “rip-stop fabric,” which is essentially water-proof, and sourced from one of the few existing weaving mills in the country. Each Tiklop bag is printed with our own designs, in line with the series, which promotes both the Filipino identity and locally-sourced materials.


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