Rene Rose McHugh-Rodrigo wouldn’t want you to call her a “model mom,” though she literally is one, having been a beauty queen at one point. These days, you’ll find her busy with her mindful businesses, Kana Oriental natural skincare, Chai Nail Cafe nail spa, and her meta mentoring business, META transformational. But, her favorite role is undoubtedly that of being a mom of two beautiful children, which is well-documented on her Instagram page @itsrenerose.

Speaking of Instagram, you’ll be seeing a lot of Rene Rose on ours, @ashandmuff, as she is our brand ambassador for our cute and quirky pajamas. We sat down to ask Rene Rose a few questions about her views on chilling out and self-love, in celebration of the “art of doing nothing,” which is a feeling we’d always hoped out PJs would evoke.

1. What’s your idea of relaxation?
RR: My idea of relaxation is actually being able to be with my kids without the need of having to
be attached to my phone at the same time. I have 5 businesses and so most of the time I’m glued to my phone: keeping updated with happenings at the office, sales, customer inquires etc. it gets hectic. And when I take a few hours to myself and the kids just by putting the phone down, WALKING AWAY, & going out to the park or out for a swim with the babies without the distraction of the phone – that’s relaxation to me! Heaven even!

2. How do you deal with challenges that happen in life? I am definitely my mother’s daughter. My mom had a very rough life. To spare you the details and long story, she always taught us that “no matter how hard you think your situation is, someone else out there has got it harder. Just get on with it and don’t dwell or think to much about a situation. And never pity yourself.”

3. What are your top tips for “chilling out”? Put the gadget away. No televisions inside the bedroom (it’s a big no-no in my house), and spend time in nature (something us city folk forget to do often).

Thank you, Rene Rose, for sharing these nuggets of wisdom!

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