As we wind down towards the New Year, our homes will surely be in dire need of a refresher. The new year is a time to really clear our homes of old energy, old belongings, because these have energies attached to them that remind us of our past. We must enter the New Year, well, with a new mind and fresh start! Here are some ways to prepare for that right now.

Declutter. Go around the house, preferably per room, and throw away anything that is old, broken, unused and stored away that is getting musty, etc. These old things are not going to be useful to you. Clutter takes up the space for what could be new ideas, even prosperity. (Yes, it’s true!) Have you ever noticed how after you declutter, you feel like working anew, you get new ideas, and you feel better physically? It’s a very powerful practice. Do it now. Make it in regular increments, until you have cleared every room in the house from hidden and visible clutter.
Replace the old with the new. William Morris, the famous decorator, has been credited with saying “Have nothing that you do not consider beautiful or useful in your home,” and he knew what he was talking about! Old things — even those that hold memories — may take up space in our home that no longer serve us. (Old towels and beddings, for instance, can be repurposed as rags and cut up into cleaning cloths.) Replace things like towels and beddings every year, to ensure that they are in good condition.
Have a place for everything (and everything in its place): The one habit that will keep your home feeling fresh and vibrant all year round is this! After you have decluttered, and then replaced the old with the new, ensure that there is a place for everything you currently own and use.

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