Organization is often misunderstood. Rather than organize what we already have, it pays to also look at the things we don’t actually need anymore, or that aren’t serving us well. If we eliminate first what is no longer useful or what is merely taking up space, we can have a better chance of really enjoying an organized home.

OK, so let’s say you’ve decluttered and discarded items from your home. Congrats! Now you are ready to start organizing. Here’s a simple way to do that, using soft storage boxes. What’s great about soft storage boxes is that they add an aesthetic appeal and are functional, too. They can go with any style, and because they are soft, you can also wash them when they get soiled.

You can actually have a “hierarchy” of soft storage boxes in different sizes, ranging from large to small.

Extra large storage boxes are great for corralling items like extra throw pillows and cushions. You can keep a pretty display of these in a corner of the living room for when guests arrive, or just if you want to be able to reach for an extra pillow for lounging.

You can use medium-sized boxes for rolling up blankets and towels for inside the bedroom or bathroom. Roll up the towels or blankets, and prop them upright inside, instead of stacking. This way you can see the quantity, their colors and patterns for easy selection.

You can use personal-size boxes for keeping your beside items together: Your current beside book, standing bottle of hand lotion, reading glasses, your tablet/ipad and maybe a shawl, for instance. You can also make a similar type of ‘kit’ for your children, which includes their soft toy, current bedtime books, and maybe a flask of water which they can have access to through the night.

We have some beautiful soft storage boxes that we’ve created here in our studio. You can check them out and customize yours here!