We’re so happy about the turnout of this project, and we are so excited to bring them out to you. We decided to work with artist Marj Masangkay, because we loved the inspiration behind her art, and also her life story.

I think sharing the artist’s story will inspire you to see this series in a new light!

Chay is a term for “auntie”, friend, sister and is innately Ilonggo.

“I thought of Chay back in 2017 when I was recuperating from my surgery due to endometrial/ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 1A. I am thankful that I did not undergo any chemo or any other further treatment. I am more thankful to God almighty, that I was given a new lease in life and just decided to go and paint fun, vibrant, happy and curvy women doing different activities.

“[Chay] all began as a therapeutic activity for me, and so it somehow launched my informal art career. I had commissions from friends, family and some clients thru social media exposure. It was a promising start.

“With all passionate endeavors , it has its ups and downs. I had to go back to work, I used to work in the BPO sector with a full on graveyard shift. Work is good. Pay is above industry standard. But it was taking its toll on me physically. After more than a decade of working, I feel that I am putting my artistic desires or passion whatever you may call it on the back end. I had to make a very tough choice. Between my health, my pay and my overall sanity and satisfaction. It was a tough time… after all, I’m a interior design graduate.. I should at least make do with the degree I took back in college.

“So late 2018, my shining moment came with a series of unlikely events at my previous workplace. I thought and pondered. I followed my heart. I never looked back. Yes there are days that I am struggling. After all, a friend once told me “the world is not as forgiving to artists” .. But please go on. Anything that one greatly desire will bear fruit later on.

“… My art is to bring smiles, joy and all those wonderful good vibes… So, for every Chay out
there.. Lets live life to the fullest!”

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