Ash and Muff Monogram Studio had the great privilege of being part of the Finds by Artefino fair last August 29 to September 1 at Rockwell Power Plant Mall where the event was held. What made this event particularly special is that ArteFino is all about championing Filipino artistry. It’s energy and vibe is all about being grateful for the richness and heritage of our culture.

There are a wealth of photos we’d like to share with you of the event!

What we were most proud of was that we were able to finally tell the story of our brand, and how we truly are a homegrown, proudly Filipino design studio. Our humble workshop comprises a team of hard-working artisans, based in the “makers’ capitals”, Bulacan and Marikina. We are honored to be a brand that represents how much we appreciate our mananahe and bag-makers (who are among the now-fading original Marikina bag makers of decades ago).

We are also super excited about our Filipiniana Collection for the Craftsman. Appliques are made out of hand woven fabrics namely Sinukitan, Binakol and kundiman from the Ilocos region with the use of hand- guided embroidery machine technique by our veteran embroiderers from Bulacan and sewn by our master sewers. Which designs are your favorite?

We also launched the Tiklop Series, a collection of foldable bags that celebrates Filipino culture by showcasing some icons and elements that are distinctly “Pinoy.” Tiklop is a Tagalog word meaning “to fold”. This series of foldable bags reminds us of the importance of keeping or bringing along our Filipino identity anywhere we go.

We’d like to thank all of you, our dear patrons and friends, who made it to the event! Some of you even purchases our new, limited Filipiniana edition Craftsman bag and Tiklop series, which were all truly a product of hard work and heart work.

Maraming Salamat po from our team to yours! ♥️♥️♥️