Summer is officially here. Just step outside at high noon, and you’ll know. (Wow! Ang init!)

We at the Ash & Muff Studio have been busy in the studio whipping up some great summer must-haves, especially if you are already preparing for travel, for staycations, for summer sports camps and whatnot. We’ve listed down some
options below — have a look and see which product is the right fit for you!

1. Invest in a travel blanket in a pouch. You’re surely going to be on road trips and airplane rides, which are going to require some sleeping and lounging. Having a travel blanket is an extremely good idea. For one, you won’t have to settle for the very uncomfortable and static-inducing plane blankets! You’ll also have a nice pillow on hand, because they fold right into themselves. Plus points: You can customize the travel blankets with different thread colors and appliques! It’s proven you actually love and use things that you’re involved with in the creation process!

2. Have Wash and Wear Bags ready for each member of the family. Isn’t it annoying to scrounge around for, say, spare plastic bags and such to keep your wet clothes or swimsuits, especially while you’re on holiday or at the gym? That’s why we created our signature Wash and Wear Bags. Half of the compartment is for clean clothes; the other is for clothes that are wet or soiled. We recommend having one in each suitcase or backpack that you’re taking with you; have a family-size one at the back of the car, too.

3. Dexter or Madison weekender DUFFEL BAGS- These aren’t really a new product in our shop but it’s still a summer must-have! Invest in good duffel bag. Suitcases are good, but having a reliable duffel bag is actually more versatile, especially if you’re just taking out of town trips or staycations. Our Dexter or Madison weekenders are great for big families who literally just want to put everything into one bag! It also makes a great “bag for bags,” because you can consolidate everyone’s smaller bags into this big one — no more toppling over of bags when you open the hatch of the car.

NEW ITEM ALERT! Did we mention that all our foldable duffels, totes and backpacks are made from lightweight material? This allows them to be tucked into themselves, so that they are more handy and can be conveniently packed inside a bigger bag when you are travelling. This means that you can pack them in your luggage, and bring them out to store your shopping on those unavoidable hauls.

Forget about scrounging around that huge bag of yours. Our bag organizers let you have a place for everything and everything in its place! Simply insert it into a bag, and you immediately have additional compartments for your things. (It’s especially useful for placing things that normally get lost in a big bag, like keys, blotting papper, pens, and small bottles!

Summer is more fun when you are prepared for everything that happens! The level of comfort and convenience that you’ll have when you have the objects and tools ready to support you will surely be worth it. When you invest in the things that will help you to be more organized and more prepared, then you can really enjoy yourself, make great summer memories with those you love.