Our new, long-overdue pajama designs are so cute and feel-good. I’ve always wanted to do pajamas in our studio, but when we were starting out a few years ago, we didn’t know how to make it scalable.

We started with a series last year, which received good feedback from friends and family, I knew we had a best-seller, and so I spent the next few months working on concepts.

Well, motherhood took over and I gave birth to the sweetest baby boy… who, ironically, also influenced my design!!! Now, our pajamas also come with a button-down option, so it’s easier to breastfeed if you’re a mom (like me!). Plus, they are made from shirting material; the same material used for t-shirts, so it’s super soft on the skin, and comfy enough to lounge around all day. #SleepoverFeels

Check out our new fabric options and designs on the website, and order yours for yourself, or as gifts for the special people in your life! Click on the photos below for details.