Totes are indispensable. They are the carry-all for our entire lives, it seems. They are a great way to keep everything in one place, but we should mention that unless you know where everything is in your tote, you will just be carrying around a hot mess!

Having a hierarchy of smaller bags and pouches in your tote is a great, decluttered way of organizing things by need and function. Here’s an example of how you can organize your tote bag so that you can reach for things easily when you need them and save yourself the scrounge!

A simple hierarchy

  • A cosmetics pouch. This is pretty standard, but it deserves a mention. Keep your makeup in its proper place to avoid unnecessary spills and staining in your bag.
  • A feminine products pouch. Self-explanatory. Keep wipes, sanitary products, sprays and the like here.
  • Reusable shopping bags. Super useful for storing your shopping of course, but also great to keep in your tote for other things like used clothes your kid changed out of, for example.
  • A receipt pouch or small plastic folder, so that you aren’t stuffing them in to your wallet, and you can place them in appropriate filing systems at home for your books. This can be a pouch, or a small plastic expandable folder that organizes receipts for business, for personal, etc.

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