We are constantly developing new products for release; and one of our newest products is the wine bottle tote. The wine bottle tote comes in two sizes: the bigger size (in blue) can accommodate two wine bottles at a time while the regular size fits all types of wine bottles.

The wine tote can be used for the following purposes:

  1. It can serve as a party favor. A bottle of wine surely makes as a great party favor, but keeping it in a Wine Tote would be so much better. Best of all, each tote can be monogrammed. Guests will feel truly special to have their wine totes made especially for them. Font and monogram style can be customized according to your preference.
  2. It can prevent the bottle from breaking. A bottle of wine, whether expensive or not, is fragile. To prevent the possibility of the bottle breaking, secure it with the wine tote. It provides a safe cushion to prevent possible breakage because the size of the tote has been standardized to properly fit small to large bottles.
  3. It can store other fragile bottles. Feeding bottles and tumblers can also be stored in the wine totes. Everything will be secured and will look very stylish with your chosen monogram.

Interested in the wine tote? Send us an email at ashandmuff@yahoo.com. This product will soon be available on this site for online orders so make sure to visit regularly. To get the latest updates on new products to be released this year, stay tuned to our Instagram account.