We are slightly obsessed and mostly inspired by the new show on Netflix “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” In terms of how we view clutter and memories, it makes so much sense to only have things that are beautiful and spark joy! We shared some tips in our December blog post about fresh ways to begin the New Year ( https://ashandmuff.com/fresh-new-ways-to-prepare-your-home-for-the-new-year/ ), now we’ll share on how to tidy up (and keep things tidy), all throughout the year.

  • Assign a place for everything. Given that you have decluttered and discarded things that no longer serve you, Marie Kondo always advises that having a place for everything is truly the secret to keeping a home neat and tidy. Ensure that you hold to this principle. For example:
    1. In your drawers, separate items using smaller interconnected boxes so that things aren’t rolling around randomly.
    2. In your handbag, ensure items are separated into various smaller pouches. (We suggest our Mikkel pouch for instance, and our 3-pouch set: Mikkel for your toiletries; the 3-pouch set assigned per use: The biggest one for makeup; the next size for receipts and small papers; the smallest one for keys and your gym lock, for instance. You get the idea. Having a hierarchy of bags prevents you from scrounging around your bag for things!

  • Assess each room at home for various categories and create storage for each. We like to recommend our soft storage box be assigned to things that normally could become clutter, but we advise you use storage boxes to only organize and hold things that spark joy for you. For example:
    1. In the living room, assign a storage box for extra pillows, another for magazines, and another for board games. These can be kept inside a cabinet, or beside the sofa for access.
    2. In the kitchen, keep cookbooks in one, aprons in another, kitchen towels in a smaller one.
    3. In the bedroom cabinet, you can keep bed sheets in one (folded KonMari style), even clothes, if you do not have proper drawers.
  • Be mindful of decluttering as a lifestyle. When you receive something as a gift, immediately ask if it sparks joy. If not, set it aside in a re-gifting drawer or immediately give it away. Same with things that you didn’t discard in your previous declutter: Assess your connection with it, and sense when it is time to let go. If you haven’t used it since the last declutter, you likely won’t use it at all.